Workshop 6: Consolidation of incidence and prevalence estimates

workshop6_photo_newNovember 2010, Entebbe, Uganda

The sixth workshop was hosted in Entebbe by the Rakai study and was the first workshop of our second funding phase. We welcomed four new member studies who joined the network at this point: Kisumu and Nairobi from Kenya, Ifakara from Tanzania, and Agincourt from South Africa.

The new member sites had so far only done one sero-survey, or were planning their first sero-survey, and the workshop provided them with the tools they would need for analysing incidence patterns once they had completed a second sero-survey round.

Existing member studies had a chance to bring their incidence trend estimates up to date, to analyse the relationship between incidence patterns and prevalence changes, and also to fit age-specific incidence models to their observed data.