The ALPHA Network is a collaboration between 10 longitudinal studies in sub-Saharan Africa.  These studies collect data on HIV infection alongside demographic, behavioural, socio-economic and clinical data from residents of the study areas.  The Network harmonises these data and conducts comparable and pooled analyses on HIV-related research questions.

An effective response to HIV is a global priority, and sub-Saharan Africa faces the greatest challenge as the region with the largest share of the global HIV burden and the most severe resource constraints.

These studies provide unique, population-based, data on HIV incidence and mortality which is not available from any other sources. We aim to strengthen the analytical capacity within the network, and foster collaboration between network members.

The network regularly contributes detailed statistical estimates of HIV incidence, mortality patterns and fertility impacts to the UNAIDS Reference Group on Estimates, Modelling and Projections, which oversees the data and methods used for producing HIV epidemic updates and projections in African countries. 

ALPHA is hosted by LSHTM and is co-ordinated by a small team based in London. Major funders are the Wellcome Trust, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and NIHR.

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