Photo of some of the ALPHA members at a recent workshop

Some of the ALPHA members at a recent workshop


Sam Clark: Demographer / statistician, University of Washington Associate Professor – specialises in the methodological improvements to the diagnosis of Verbal Autopsy (VA) data and probabilistic record linkage.
Vicky Hosegood: Southampton University Reader in Demography in Social Sciences – specialises in Demographic Surveillance Systems (DSS) and cohort studies in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya.
Jim Todd: Statistician / public health epidemiologist, LSHTM Reader in Applied Biostatistics – advises the estimation of service coverage and comparison of the mortality estimates across study sites with national mortality estimates and statistics generated by the ART programmes.
Georges Reniers: Demographer / statistician, LSHTM Senior Lecturer – specialises in the linkage of data between clinic and community for the ALPHA Network.


Affiliated Researchers

Clara Calvert: Epidemiologist / Demographer, LSHTM Lecturer – responsible for the methodological improvements to the diagnosis of adult Verbal Autopsy (VA) data.
Keith Tomlin: Data Manager, LSHTM Lecturer – oversees the management of the harmonised data resource from study sites.
Chifundu Kanjala: Data Manager / Documentalist, LSHTM Technician – provides support for the documentation of data and transformations.
Milly Marston: Demographer / Statistician, LSHTM Lecturer – responsible for the development of the classification of HIV service use in the community (namely, person-years exposure to risk of dying).
Emma Slaymaker: Epidemiologist / Statistician, LSHTM Lecturer – specialises in the attributable mortality estimation and distribution of HIV+ deaths by cause.
Alison Wringe: Public Health Epidemiologist, LSHTM Lecturer – involved in the guidelines for the context studies (i.e. Bottleneck Sub-study etc), and interpreting the results of the policy reviews and facility surveys.

ALPHA Administrator

Frankie Liew: LSHTM Overseas Projects Coordinator – oversees the monitoring of the budget, financial reporting, workshop organisation, travel bookings and general administration of the ALPHA Network programme


ALPHA Network study site leaders / representatives:

  1. Tom Lutalo (Rakai)
  2. Jessica Nakiyingi-Miiro (Masaka)
  3. Daniel Kwaro (Kisumu)
  4. Abdhalah Ziraba (Nairobi)
  5. Mark Urassa (Kisesa)
  6. Eveline Guebbels (Ifakara)
  7. Mia Crampin (Karonga)
  8. Simon Gregson (Manicaland)
  9. Xavier Gomez-Olive (Agincourt)
  10. Vicky Hosegood (Umkhanyakude)

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC consists of site leaders, co-applicants and three external members. External members currently on the SAC are:

Peter Ghys, Director, Strategic Information and Evaluation Department, UNAIDS
Ties Boerma, Director of the Department of Health Statistics and Information Systems, World Health Organization, Switzerland, WHO
Timothy Mah, Senior Advisor, HIV Prevention – Global Health Fellows Program, USAID

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